ASA Tanzania follows the highly efficient and socially responsible ASA Model, a cost-efficient, standardized and sustainable model of microfinance. The ASA Model lies at the heart of our business model. Our staff are relentlessly implementing this model by adjusting local economic and cultural circumstances.

Almost all branches are identical, operated and managed in the same manner, enabling simple replication, expansion and supervision. Loan disbursements, repayments, record-keeping, etc. are all standardized. Our lean head office and agile field staff facilitate efficient and decentralized decision-making. We actively seek to prevent overleveraging of clients by capping loan sizes and not granting new loans before current loans are fully repaid.

Our lending approach is based on individual lending via client groups. We offer individual loans. Group members are only responsible for non-financial obligations, such as the screening or selecting of potential new clients. In addition, the social cohesion within the groups means that members help foster financial discipline by encouraging each other to repay loans on time.

Before a loan is disbursed, the loan officer and the branch managers carry out a credit evaluation process. The loan application must then be approved by the branch manager.

We offer two types of loans:

  1. Small Loan
  2. Small Business Loan

Client group meetings are held regularly, at a fixed time, day and place and all members are required to attend.