Yundu Morisi, of Mwananyamala Branch 2, Dar es Salaam

"Through my tailoring business activities, I decided to take a 1st cycle loan from ASA Microfinance under the small loan program of TZS 300,000 on 8 April 2015 to expand my business in the Victory group. I took a 2nd cycle small loan of TZS 450,000 for the same purpose on 15th November 2015. My business was starting to improve from selling clothes without a selling area, to opening a shop for selling clothes, when I decided to take a 3rd cycle loan of TZS 600,000 on 26 March 2016. I graduated from taking a small loan in the group of the Mwananyamala 02 Branch and moved to a small business loan where I currently take TZS 1,200,000."

Sharifa Amri Katumali, Mwananyamala Branch 01-Dar es Salaam

“I started planting hair and doing makeup at home as a hobby, but I decided to turn it into a business in late 2013, as a number of my customer kept growing. I’ve bought some working gear for my saloon, rented a room for it and bought cosmetics and dreadlocks. My life has improved and my children are pursuing their studies well, all this is due to the loan that I received from ASA Tanzania via Dhamira group. Through ASA my dream comes true being an entrepreneur, it was my long-term dream. I passed through different loan cycles of the Mwananyamala 01 Branch, where I currently have a third cycle loan with the principal amount of TZS 800,000.”